Legacy Professional Advisors

The following professional advisors have worked with donor members of the Legacy Society to help plan their giving to the community in ways best suited to their needs and desires. We thank them for the work that they do that helps to make this community a better place. For help in your planning, you may call your attorney or accountant or one of these professionals.


James B. Butcher
Butcher, Ball, Lowry, McMahan and McClelland
(765) 457-1126

C. Michael Cord 
Bayliff, Harrigan, Cord, Maugans and Cox
(765) 459-3941

Mark Hurt
(765) 454-9600

Corbin  K.  King
(765) 459-0751

Jeffrey A. Lowry
Butcher, Ball, Lowry, McMahan and McClelland
(765) 457-1126

Beth MacDonald
Davis & MacDonald
(765) 854-1122

J. Conrad Maugans
Bayliff, Harrigan, Cord , Maugans and Cox
(765) 459-3941

James B. McIntyre
McIntyre, Hilligoss, Vent and Welke
(765) 456-3827


Greg McCarty
Bucheri, McCarty & Metz
(765) 236-2300

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