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Community Foundation of Howard County Celebrates a Milestone

March 4, 2021 – March 2021 marks the 30th anniversary for the Community Foundation of Howard County Inc., which began helping the community in 1991.

Starting with a $10,000 grant from the United Way of Howard County, the Community Foundation of Howard County today manages 296 funds with assets totaling more than $51.1 million. With its generous donor-base, the Foundation has made grants of more than $16 million to help make our community a better place. This amount includes approximately $13.3 million in grants and $2.7 million in scholarships, with an additional $4.2 million in Lilly Endowment Community Scholarships.

The organization has grown over three decades. Today its home offices are located in a Foundation-owned historic property that is part of the Kokomo Courthouse Square Historic District, National Trust for Historic Preservation. Additionally, the Foundation serves two other north central communities through its affiliate organizations: the Clinton County Community Foundation (est. 1996) and the Carroll County Community Foundation (est. 1997).

These affiliates bring the total assets managed by the Foundation to more than $100 million and total funds to more than 505, further strengthening the charitable services in the tri-county region.

“An important marker in our 30-year milestone has been expanding the Foundation’s focus into a more ‘community-leadership’ role within the three counties we serve,” said Greg Aaron, president. For example, Aaron noted the Foundation recently received Lilly Endowment Inc. Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) Community Leadership Planning Grants of $175,000 and Implementation Grants of $350,000, money that is shared among three counties in north-central Indiana.

As part of that community leadership Planning Grant process, the Foundation organized a series of “community conversations” to hear directly from citizens in Howard, Clinton and Carroll counties about what is needed in their areas. A total of 70 meetings were held with an array of residents, business leaders and key service providers to learn more about ways to help their communities.

“In other words, they talked and we listened,” Aaron said. “At this 30-year milestone, this really shows the value of the Foundation’s history and how well-positioned we are to continue our charitable mission and help our communities in the future.”

The Implementation Grants funded mental health and addiction services navigators in each county.  The navigators improve access to quality services for those struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.  

“Our community leadership role continues with the receipt of the Endowment’s GIFT Large-Scale Community Leadership Grant of $4,986,515,” said Aaron.  “This grant will support efforts to establish a medically assisted Drop-In Engagement Center in Howard County, with regional collaborative partnership locations in Carroll and Clinton counties. We are excited about what this means for our communities and serving as a philanthropic catalyst for charitable activities in our tri-county region.” 

The Community Foundation of Howard County Inc. was formed as a not-for-profit public charity in March 1991. The Foundation seeks to serve donors and make grants to benefit the citizens of Howard County.  For more information about the Community Foundation, contact Greg Aaron at (765) 454-7298 or The website contains information about making gifts to endowment funds, scholarships and grantmaking. 


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