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Charitable Dreams for Community Needs

The Community Foundation of Howard County, Inc. makes a positive difference in our community. We help people who are passionate about giving back to our community, take the lead on community initiatives and partner with nonprofit organizations to support a broad range of projects that make a positive impact. Browse our website for more information about our work, and see the difference that philanthropy can make!

  • Community Foundation of Howard County Announces 2022 Lilly Endowment Scholarship Recipient

    Isaac Elkin has been named a recipient of a four-year, full-tuition scholarship as a Community Foundation of Howard County 2022 Lilly Endowment Community Scholar.

    “We are announcing Isaac Elkin as a recipient because one of our earlier recipients, Chloe McKay, had another opportunity for financial support,” said Joe Dunbar, chairman of the Community Foundation of Howard County Scholarship Committee. “As part of the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship process, we must submit alternates when we send the information to the Independent Colleges of Indiana for approval and administration. When we were notified that Chloe had accepted another opportunity, the selection opened up for the alternate to receive the scholarship.” Read more.

    Community Foundation of Howard County Awards Grants

    The Community Foundation of Howard County has awarded $79,947 in competitive grants during the second half of 2021. Combined with the first half total of $39,200, this brings the total of competitive grants awarded to $119,147 for the year. Read more.

    Lilly Endowment Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow Community Leadership Initiative

    The Community Foundation of Howard County received a Planning Grant through the Lilly Endowment Inc. Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow Community Leadership Initiative.

    This funding allowed the Foundation to evaluate our local landscapes and identify and prioritize community needs and assets, develop a deeper understanding of what our roles should be within the community, strengthen relationships with local stakeholders and potential collaborators, build internal capacities to act as an effective leader, and prioritize and develop strategies to address high-priority challenges and opportunities.

    The Community Foundation did this by conducting 16 community conversations in Howard County to determine the emerging aspirations that citizens feel are important to the future well-being and growth of our community.  The conversations revealed four aspirations: mentally healthy/drug-free, safe, economically healthy and culturally diverse.

    Howard County Community Conversation Report

    Following the community conversations, the Foundation invited key service providers/experts to participate in a Taking Effective Community Action (TECA) Meeting related to each aspiration. The TECA approach is a part of the Harwood Method of turning outward to enable communities to become a collective force for change. During these meetings service providers were invited to share current programs and services being offered in the area of the specific aspiration and actions that would make a difference in the community.

    TECA Report – Mentally Healthy/Drug-Free
    TECA Report – Safe
    TECA Report – Economically Healthy
    TECA Report – Culturally Diverse

    The process also included a compilation of major community assessments throughout Howard County, as well as strategic community plans that were conducted within the last three years.

    Howard County Assessments Report

    We invite you to use these findings as a way to learn more about your community and to create opportunities and actions through collaboration for positive impact.

  • 5% Giving – An Attainable Approach to Giving

    Howard County's current net worth is $3.57 billion. Over the next 50 years, Howard County is expected to transfer $3.5 billion to the next generation. If everyone gave 5 percent to the Community Foundation, total grantmaking would increase $2.58 million per year. Watch the video to learn the impact on Howard County.

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